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Discover Our Amazing Main Delicious African Cuisine


Fried Rice with Jerk Chicken or Fried Fish or Beef

Served with Fried Rice.


Jollof Rice & Jerk Chicken or Fried Fish or Beef

Jollof Rice served with Jerk Chicken / Fried Fish / Beef.


Sadza or Ugali with Veg & Fried Fish

Sadza or Ugali with Veg or Sukuma Wiki with Fried Fish.


Sadza or Ugali with Boerowers and Veg


Yam Delight

Boiled Yam served with Fried fish & Veg.



Dish made from Peanut, African Spinach.


Poulet Yassa

Sengalese Grilled Chicken - Dish of Onion, Lemon & Olives served with Rice or Couscous.


Poulet D.G.

Fricassee of Chicken, Fried Plantain, Veg and Savoury Spices.


Morrocan Tagine

Dish made of Lamb / Chicken with Couscous and Legumes.


Fish / Beef Stew

Served With Any Side Dish.


Ayamase with White Rice

Blended green chilli, cooked herbs & spices.



saltfish Roti with ASD.


Attieke Fried Fish Salad


Ghanaian Fufu with Soup

Ghanaian Fufu with Soup Light / Okro / Peanut.


Banku Fish